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Hello Handi Quilter owners, 
We want to let you know of a new update that is available to the owners of thr Sweet 16 or the Avante 18
New enhanced featuers for the Sweet 16 and the Avante 18.   read more:
Get your friends together and become
Call at least a day ahead of time with a group of 5 or more quilters and everyone in the group receives $1.00 off per yard.  $2.00 off per yard when you finish the bolt.
15% off everything else.


Join our page, tag yourselves and show off what your making. We also set up pages for the different groups, find your group and join in.

Heartfelt Quilting and Sewing

April Classes

Deal of the Day

Each Week, we will be offering a weekly: "Deal of the Day."

Bring your cell phone and show us the coupon to receive the deal.

To sign up:

Press the "message envelope" icon on the home page of your phone.

Press the "new message" icon at the top of the page.

Enter 40404 in the To/recipient Line.

In the message area put:

Follow @heartfeltqands

(FYI - There is a space between the word "Follow" and the @ sign)

Buck A Block

"Buck A Block" runs for 12 weeks, starting February 20th.  After a $5.00 initial registration fee and $5.00 for a pack of Thangles, the cost is $1.00 per block.  (If you want more than one, the cost is $3 per extra block.)

Each week, you come to the store and show us the block you made.  Then, you may pick up the next block for $1.00.

Your block cannot be picked up by anyone but you.

If you miss a week, the cost for any "Make up" blocks is $3.00.

Additional fabric for borders and sashing may be purchased at any time.

The Buck A Block is being offered in Black and White or Civil War Reproduction fabrics.

May Classes